With tooth and nail, with grit and determination Rana Verona celebrates for the first time in the season together with its audience. At the end of an endless battle against Allianz Milano, Coach Stoytchev’s team snatched a victory of vital importance, for the standings, for morale, for the group and rose to 9 points in the standings. Keita’s entry onto the pitch, making his debut in this championship, represented the turning point for the Scaligeri, who sold their lives dearly in decisive moments. Upon his return, the Malian hammer won the MVP award, while Mozic took the prize of best scorer with 21 points overall, including 3 blocks and 2 aces. Also in double figures were Amin (20), Sani (16) and Zingel (11). Next week still at home: Cisterna arrives at the Pala AGSM AIM.

In the initial lineup, Coach Stoytchev relies on the hands of Spirito in the control room, with Amin in the opposite role. In the squad there is space for Dzavoronok and captain Mozic, while in the center there are Grozdanov and Zingel. D’Amico confirmed as free.

The match opens with Reggers’ winning attack, to which Mozic responds immediately. Grozdanov prints the first block of the match, then Mozic’s pipe sends Verona ahead (5-4). The good serving series of the Bulgarian central defender is worth the break for his team (8-6). In the fall Dzavoronok keeps the Scaligeri in front, but the guests recover and with Reggers’ ace they break away from their opponents (11-13). The Lombard number 7 also pushes towards the net, with Amin trying to dampen Milan’s escape attempt (13-15). Two points from Loser put Piazza’s team at 16-19. Dzavoronok and Amin’s hands out reduce the gap and Verona returns to -1 (19-21). The Milanese troops are back up by three points, with Amin’s block keeping the locals alive (22-23), but Kaziyski closes the first half (23-25).

Verona returns to the field with the right attitude and immediately finds a break, thanks above all to Amin’s attack, followed by Zingel’s perfect first half (5-2). Sani, who replaced Dzavoronok, plays the charge with a narrow diagonal that makes it 7-2. Zingel also places the direct point from nine meters, which further launches Verona. Allianz tries to make up for a subdued start to the set and returns to the match with two blocks in a row (10-8). The positive streak is interrupted by Sani’s block. Mozic is no exception, but Amin takes the spotlight with an ace calibrated to the millimeter (15-10). Sani also takes care of blocking the blue and whites, who paves the way for the Scaligeri (19-12). Mergarejo hits two aces that give his team momentum back (20-16). Milan is alive, but Amin still scores +3 (22-19). Porro’s foul coincides with the set point in favor of Spirito and his teammates, who equalize the score with the Iranian.

At the start of the set, Zingel scores again from place three to make it 1-1. The match is exciting and Sani shows off his power from place four, before Loser scores the equalizer (5-5). The two teams are equal, but it is Verona who tries to push continuously in attack, but the balance is not broken, also thanks to some errors on one side and the other on the serve. Sani plays well with his hands on the opponent’s block and stops Milan’s escape attempt in its tracks (18-18). The hammer born in 2002 takes advantage of his good moment and breaks the opposing defense again, followed by Amin (20-20). Mergarejo reverses the trend and with a pipe in the conflict zone sends his team forward (22-23). We play point to point, then Loser finds the right opening to score the temporary 2 to 1.

Upon returning to the pitch, Milan seemed to have more, but Verona reacted promptly. Pankace by Spirito, miraculous save by D’Amico, ball on the ground by Zingel and the crowd gets excited (4-5). Milan maintains a one-point lead, also thanks to Sani’s long run, who also scores a precious hands-out to make it 8-9. Mozic crosses and scores the equalizer (11-11). Verona takes the lead and Keita’s moment also arrives, making his seasonal debut. The Malian giant immediately made his mark by landing the first three balls (17-14). Mozic holds in reception and Zingel finishes a great first half (19-15). Grozdanov also hits the center of the net, with Milan trying to stay in line with Piano’s block (21-18). Keita’s block is worth the extension and Zingel finds the set ball. The first is canceled by Dirlic, but the center back with the number 1 takes the match to a tie-break.

The first point goes to Kaziyski, but, dragged by Mozic and Keita, Verona overtakes. The Slovenian captain’s ace explodes the stadium, as does Zingel’s block on Mergarejo (6-4). Sani lets go of his arm at the changeover. Milan recovers ground, but the Mozic-Keita pair is back and takes the Scaligeri to 11-8. Zingel and Keita keep Verona ahead by three (13-11). Sani closes the score with a super monster-block. Verona scores their first victory of the season.


Rana Verona – Allianz Milano 3–2 (23-25; 25-21; 23-25; 25-21; 15-11)

Rana Verona: Spirito 2, Amin 20, Mozic 21, Dzavoronok 2, Grozdanov 4, Zingel 11, D’Amico (L), Jovovic, Keita 7, Sani 16, Cortesia, Mosca, Zanotti, Bonisoli (L). All. Stoytchev

Allianz Milan: Porro 1, Kaziyski 16, Reggers 18, Mergarejo 20, Piano 3, Loser 16, Catania (L), Zonta, Dirlic 2, Ishikawa, Vitelli 3, Innocenzi, Colombo (L). Enclosure Square

Referees: Zavater (1st), Piana (2nd), Marconi (3rd)

Video Check Officer: Danieli

Set duration: 30′; 28′; 28′; 31′; 18′; total: 2h 15′

Attack: Rana Verona 54%; Allianz Milan 47%

Walls: Rana Verona 11; Allianz Milan 12

Ace: Rana Verona 4; Allianz Milan 5

Spectators: 2708

MVP: Noumory Keita