Del Monte Junior League: the results of the second day of competitions The group stage of the Del Monte Junior League ended today for Verona Volley, which failed to move the ranking in Group B, finishing in fifth position. Tomorrow afternoon, the Gialloblù will face the final for 9th/10th place against the fifth force of the other group.

TOP VOLLEYBALL TANK – VERONA VOLLEYBALL 3-1 (25-21; 23-25; 29-27; 25-23)

In the third match, Verona fails to collect the first points of the tournament despite the good performance played against Cisterna, who wins 3 to 1. The opponents approach the challenge better and unlock the result, but the reaction from the Scala family is not long in coming thanks to a second set of quality that puts the match back in a draw. Balance is also the master when returning to the field, with the two teams battling point to point. For the advantages are the pontini to have the upper hand, but the troop of coach Marconi demonstrates good solidity. Even in the fourth fraction, neither of the two teams takes off, but in the end Top Volley strikes the decisive blow and triumphs. Massafeli once again took the chair, author of 22 points, followed by 17 from Signorini. Good performance also by Mezzani, able to collect 2 aces and 3 blocks in the 8 overall points.

ITAS TRENTINO – VERONA VOLLEYBALL 3-0 (25-11; 25-22; 25-16)

Trento proved to be too strong for Verona in the last match of the group stage, which ended with the score 3-0 in favor of the Trentino side. One-way first set, where the Scala players are struggling to counter the opponent’s game. Back on Potenza Picena’s taraflex, coach Marconi makes some changes to the starting sextet and his boys manage to compact, falling in size. In the third set, Itas takes over the reins of the match again and closes the file. Among the Gialloblù ranks Artoni put himself on display, who grounded 9 balls; 7 points, instead, for Guardavascio.