Rana Verona is taking shape and Coach Stoytchev draws an initial assessment of what will be the team for the 2023/2024 season.

The market has already delivered major coups with the announcements of Dzavoronok, Zingel, Jovovic and Truhtchev. Has the step forward been taken?

“We want to build a physical and aggressive squad with great potential. The shopping campaign is balanced and fully in line with what we aim to become. For us, the human aspect of the players is a fundamental element on which to build our project. First of all, we are looking for the right people to fit in with us at best”.

Waiting to know the latest additions, you will have the possibility to alternate players in all roles:

“We will certainly be able to adopt various solutions. Jovovic brings great international experience, has played in many high-level leagues and has been a regular for his national team for years. An important element that raises the level of our team. Zingel, who will have to organize our block line, and Dzavoronok, who will be fundamental in serving and receiving, we know them well. They have been protagonists in the Italian championship for years with excellent results in their respective roles. Then came Truhtchev, who just won the Bulgarian championship and who will bring spirit, energy and dedication. All quality players. It must be said that hierarchies are not pre-established here, there are no starters and reserves, whoever is better off plays. Everyone will have the same chance to take the field, then it will also depend on the opponent.”

Are you crafting the team you wanted?

“In general, I’m never satisfied but I don’t think any coach ever is, because you can always do more. Due to the possibilities, we have right now we are doing our best and working every day to complete the roster we want. We intend to continue to improve ourselves and to reach ever higher goals. All those who accept our challenge will have to refuse to drop every single balloon.

And then there are the fans, ready to experience another exciting year with the team:

“With the strength of the ideas that then materialized on the field, we managed to bring many people closer to the arena. At home we will have to build even more a climate of unity, so that everyone shares the merit in winning every point, every victory. I am sure that our fans will be present again this year, because I guarantee that we will fight.”