The PalaPanini challenge has taught that the WithU Verona subnet can be lethal, but that it must learn to better manage certain situations on a mental level. Attack and block recorded important numbers, but they didn’t help to collect points. The four sets played against the Emilians provided useful ideas to work on in view of the next match, highlighting the aspects that need to be perfected the most. The drop in tension and the lack of lucidity in some situations determined the result in favor of the hosts, but despite the setback the ranking remains more than positive.

The balance that this championship is reserving, however, requires keeping concentration high, as repeated several times by coach Stoytchev. In a few days there will be an immediate possibility of redemption for the Gialloblù, who return to play in front of their fans, who have not lacked affection and support in Emilia. After the usual day of rest granted by the technical staff, Mozic and his teammates got together this morning to start preparing for the match against Emma Villas Aubay Siena, scheduled for Sunday 4 December at 20.30. Immediately a double session with de-fatiguing work in the first part of the day to dispose of the accumulated post-match load and technique on the field afterwards.

Training both in the morning and in the afternoon also tomorrow and Thursday, with targeted exercises on tactics and improvement of the game system. The activity will continue in the following days before tackling the tenth day of the season. “We are well aware that in this year’s SuperLega the positions in the standings are relative – said the coach from Verona at the end of the match in Modena – On Sunday our approach will be the same as on other occasions, indeed we must be even more concentrated on the week of work ahead of us”.