The Marche stage of the SuperLega Credem Banca championship highlighted the great potential of Stoytchev’s guys: efficiency in attack is the extra weapon of Mozic and his teammates and the grafts of Keita and Sapozhkov are starting to find the right alchemy.

The Scala team gave the hosts a hard time, playing evenly and showing an understanding of the game that for much of the match put the Italian champions in difficulty. In the long run, the experience of the cooks prevailed, and that is why at the end of the match the disappointment of the Veronese was palpable, who for at least two sets tasted the taste of banging. “Excellent attack, but more attention is needed, and a different management of the moments of the race” commented Coach Stoytchev, framing the strengths and weaknesses of his creature. He was echoed by the world champion and center of WithU Verona, Leandro Mosca, who spoke of “bitterness in the mouth for not having collected points after an excellent performance”.

At the gates, however, there is another important appointment that is giving away precious points: on Sunday we return to the friendly walls of PalaOlimpia after two consecutive away matches, with Vero Volley Monza as an opponent. After returning from the Marche, Raphael and his companions were able to enjoy the day of rest granted by the Coach and today they will resume work in the gym.

Preparation for the commitment of 13 November kicks off today afternoon with a session that will alternate between unloading exercises and others aimed at the technique. Tomorrow and Thursday there will be two double sessions, in the morning and in the afternoon, while in the two days before the match the Gialloblù players will focus on the fundamentals and on the game schemes to be adopted against the Brianza players.

After the defeat at home against Trento, Vero Volley Monza will arrive in Verona determined to redeem itself. “It will be a good match” concludes Radostin Stoytchev “against two teams that will certainly battle each other. It will be essential to improve on some fundamentals, but above all to manage the key moments well: I hope that despite the not exactly favorable time, the sports hall can make its contribution by becoming our extra man “.