In Game 3 WithU Verona had to deal with the pride of the reigning Italian Champions of Cucina Lube Civitanova which allowed them to reopen the series in the Quarter Play Offs. Coach Stoytchev’s team thus closed the game at nine streak of consecutive victories, establishing an undisputed record in the history of Veronese volleyball. Now the Verona boys, ahead 2 to 1 in this round, are called to face the fourth match against the Marches, which will take place on Saturday 1st April at 20.30 at the Pala AGSM AIM.

After the day of rest granted to recover from the efforts of the Eurosuole Forum, Spirito and his companions met this morning for the usual unloading session and to start preparing for the next appointment. Then, in the afternoon, the work centered on technique and on perfecting the system and game patterns will begin, which will continue tomorrow with a double training session. In the days before Race 4, the Veronese troop will combine their activity on the field with a careful and shrewd study of their opponent, who last Sunday demonstrated his ability to adopt different solutions thanks to his interpreters.

“We knew it was going to be difficult and it was unthinkable to come back here and win again 3-0.” This was the comment of Deputy Dario Simoni at the end of the third round, who turned on the light on some aspects to be fixed: “We made some mistakes from a technical and tactical point of view. Let’s work on everything that didn’t work because another battle awaits us in front of our fans on Saturday.”