Beautiful and convincing Verona. The answer that coach Stoytchev wanted came and it coincided with the certainty of taking part in the quarter-finals of the Del Monte Coppa Italia, scheduled for 28 and 29 December. Last Sunday, WithU Verona found the sixth victory of its championship with the overcoming of the obstacle Emma Villas Aubay Siena, recovering the initial disadvantage. For the fourth time this season, the Gialloblù have obtained the full result in the presence of their fans, a sign that within the friendly walls of the Pala AGSM AIM intends to build a possibly impregnable fort. All departments performed, showing progress from the previous shift. Now we’re back to work with our eyes fixed on next Saturday, when Cisterna will be waiting for the Veronese troops in Lazio.

After the usual day of rest granted by the technical staff and the fatigue of the match against the Tuscans having been disposed of, the team met this morning to start preparing for the match on 10 December. Unloading work for the whole group, before tackling a training session focused on individual and team technique in the afternoon. Double sessions are scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday as well, with the focus on developing the game system and movements on the pitch through targeted exercises. On Friday, then, the last session will take place before leaving for the Latin city.

“When the block and the attack started to work, the rest followed suit and we achieved a fundamental victory.” This was the comment from the Gialloblù coach at the end of the last match. Important bases to arrive with the right motivation for the away match on Saturday.